Building on last years’s success CODA Oslo International Dance Festival and Dansekollektivet joins forces to present Vin&Valsen, clubbin’ and dj under the open-air installations at SALT Saturday May 26th. 

The program features three works: this/connect, jeg.meg.her and Thawing. The overall length of the program is approximately 60 minutes. this/connect Using sound and movements this work considers the human and technology.

jeg.meg.her Trine Lise Moe graduated from KHiO (The Norweian academy of the Arts) in 2016, and has since then worked as a freelance dance artist with base in Oslo. Jeg.meg.her. is her first solo project and will be premiered during CODAwarmupfest on Saturday May 26th.

Thawing Thawing is defined as melting, opening ups and becoming less numb. The work is choreographed by Alsexander Aarø in collaboration with dance artists from several of the Nordic cou ntries. The work that is presented during CODAwarmupfest is an extract of a larger piece, Artic Dreams, that premiered in Katuag culture house in Nuuk Greeland November 2017. Artic Dreams was initiated by Greenland based Maliina Jensen.

The Vin&Valsen concept is a performance of professional dance work in untraditional venues for dance in Oslo city centre. Vin&Valsen is Dansekollektivets main concept and was started in 2015. TO date they have presented Vin&Valsen 20 times at in different collaborations.

Bring a friend and finish off the evening with dance!


Arrangementet er et samarbeid mellom CODA, Dansekollektivet og SALT. 

Kl.19-20 Danseforestillinger 20-23 DJ Della på taket 23-02 Festen fortsetter på Naustet Dansefilmer spilles i badstuen hele kvelden

Danser Ida Haugen Musikere Simon, Matthew Valentine (synth) og Wei Ting Zeng (cello). Lengde 15 minutters performance

Danser Trine Lise Moe Lengde 15 min

Koreografi Alexander Aar Dansere Alexander S. L. Aar., Kristine Halmrast, Antero Hein, Maliina Jensen, Madelaine Gordon Graadahl Lengde 20 min

Filmer i badstua 

Nattsvermere (2015) 6 min
Regissør/koreograf Linda Birkedal Ide og produksjon Molitrix Scenekunst Dansere Mari Flønes, Erikk Mckenzie Filmfoto Kenneth Varpe Film klipp Linda Birkedal Musikk John Derek Bishop 

he&she (2015) 6 min Koreografi Masja Abrahamsen Film og edit: Anterio Hein Dansere Anne Lise Rønne og Jack Lorentz Choreography Maja Abrahamsen Dancers Anne Lise Rønne og Jack Lorentzen