CODA Oslo International Dance Festival

CODA aims to strengthen dance as an art form in Norway by presenting a diversity of national and international contemporary dance through a biennale of the highest artistic calibre.

The festival aims to contribute to the development of Norwegian dance through performances, workshops, seminars and other events and highlight Oslo and Norway as an international arena for contemporary dance.

CODA Oslo International Dance Festival was founded as a non-profit in the spring of 2001 and produced its first festival in the autumn of the following year. 

The eleveth edition took place 17 - 27 October 2017. Here some excerpts of CODA 2017 in the video below with extended interviews with Lise Nordal - artistic curator CODA 2017, Eckhard Thiemann - associate curator CODA 2017 and Stine Nilsen - CEO & Artistic Director in CODA: