Diverse Nordic Voice - Choreographic Initiative

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Diverse Nordic Voice - Choreographic Initiative (DNVCI) is a project supporting the development of more diverse choreographic voices in the Nordic region. Dansens Hus Stockholm, Iceland Dance Company and CODA Oslo International Danse Festival are in collaboration, and the program will run for 2 years.

The participants:

Norway: Suzie Davies og Maria Kittilsen
Sweden: Emilia Wärff og Sindri Runudde
Iceland: Aude Busson og Olga Sonja Thorarensen


To give 6 disabled or none-disabled dance artist an opportunity for artistic development. The artist must show a strong inititative to work with accesibility, or questioning norms, in their artistic work.


  • Professional development, and a showing of their process and findings.
  • Long-term changes in the dance scene, and it's dynamics, through a more diverse voice in the public sphere.
  • An increase in disabled dance artist thorughout the Nordic region through stronger role models, support and practice.


  • Sharing and opening of labs, studios, seminars, and a network of colleagues through digital platforms
  • Mentoring of the artistic development, based on each artists specific needs



12.-16. december         INTENSIVE LAB 1 – Reykjavik during Ice Hot Nordic Dance Platform


15.-18. april                 INTENSIVE LAB 2 – Dansens Hus Stockholm

17.- 26. october            INTENSIVE LAB 3 – CODA Oslo International Dance Festival 


February                        SEMINAR, Dansens Hus Stockholm

October                        PRESENTATION of work, CODA, Oslo

November                    PRESENTATION of work, Iceland Dance Company, Iceland

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