The DEN - Dance Expo Norway is a meeting place for the dance industry!

This multiyear program from 2019-2021 includes expos and conferences for dance artist and producers offering opportunities to develop skills and enhance networks. 
During the international platforms artist will get opportunities to pitch and present their work to programmers from around the world. This will be the place to see first hand new and exciting dance from Norway!

The project is a huge collaboration between CODA and the five main dance venues in the Oslo capitol region, Perfoming Arts Hub Norway and five dance festivals across the land! 


The DEN has three main objectives:

1. Meeting place
To be a welcoming and open meeting place for dialogue, exchange, and opportunities across the dance community both nationally and internationally.

2. Dance Platform
An international platform to create opportunities for working dance artists to present their work to international programmers, venues, organizers and producers. Their work will be displayed and direct dialogue will be established between participants of the platform.

3. Conferences and skills development
To create awareness of the role producers have in developing artistic work, collaboration, communication and leadership. Within this is the goal to develop specific skills in the dance community to use all tools available to it's fullest potential.
The conferences will present four modules:

- Leadership
- Artistic Context and History Dance History
- Production
- Administration

The content of each module will be developed in close collaboration with the field itself, the partners and educational institutions in the Nordic region.


2019 @ #codadancefest19:

- A pitching day for 19 artists
(are you a dance artist resident in Norway and want to pitch your work, go to this website for application

- 2 days of seminars with different programming​

2020 @ festivals around Norway:

Five different festivals will hold conferences for producers and the dance community to develop skills

- April - Multiplié dansefestival in Trondheim

- June - Kortreist dansefestival in Inderøy

- July - Ravnedans in Kristiandsand

- October - Oktoberdans in Bergen

- November - Dansefestival Barents in Hammerfest

2021 @ #codadancefest21:

A large platform to present dance work, and a 3 day conference program. 

Registration for delegates who wish to attend the platform will be open from February 2019.
We hope to cover parts of international programmers’ travel expenses. Please contact at Performing Arts Hub Norway if you already now know that you wish to attend, and we will be able to start the work towards ensuring the finances for you.