Virvel - Photo: Kristian Jaran Engelsen

Vin & Valsen - Self Constrained. Photo: Maja Bäckström

Vin & Valsen - Kvinns. Photo: Guro Lepperød

Vin & Valsen - ADSR. Photo: Susanne Næss Nielsen


Siri Mari Vitallis Larsen / Kvinns / Erikk McKenzie / Sveinung Gjessing & Mariama Slåttøy (NO)

Vin&Valsen is organized by Dansekollektivet, a group of dance enthusiasts who actively work to highlight dance in Oslo. The program consists of three performances and a short dance film shown in a relaxed context with breaks between each performance. You wil find us in "boksen" on the 2nd floor of Kulturhuset.


In Self Constrained, artist Maja Bäckström has created a sculpture that changes as it becomes an extension of choreographer Siri Mari Vitallis Larsen's body. In Kvinns, the company of the same name explore questions of power, gender, gender equality and feminism. ADSR is an ongoing project where choreographer Erikk McKenzie and dancer Hanna Filomen Mjåvatn investigate the relationship between sound and body and the overlap between the aesthetic and the functional, the digital and the organic. Virvel is a short dance film by director and producer Sveinung Gjessing with dancer Mariama Slåttøy about controling and being controlled. The film is premiering this evening.