Eckhard Thiemann - Photo: Tale K. Hendnes / Dansens Hus

Showcase or Exchange? Festival Curation for New Times

Panel discussion - seminar

Festival curation has changed significantly over the past decade. In an age of increased mobility for artists, curators and audiences, new global connections and a greater availability of dance digitally, what is the future of festivals as platforms to experience new works? How do curators frame and conceptualise their programmes? What care is needed to stay close to artists’ intentions while finding a way to new audiences? Are curators arbiters of taste, mediators between artists and audiences or cultural diplomats? What are the dangers of exoticisation and marginalization of artists? What new expertise is needed to operate in a global context?

Showcase or Exchange will unpick some of the problematic faced by curators, artists and audiences when witnessing dance in a global context.


Stine Nilsen, Artistic Director and CEO, CODA festival

Anne Cécile Sibué-Birkeland, Artistic and General Director, Black Box Teater

Fatih Genckal, Artistic Director, A Corner in The World

Helle Siljeholm, dancer

Ludvig Daae, choreographer and dancer


Eckhard Thiemann