A(nother feminist) manifesto / Inés Belli

I den svarte boksen / Sara Steen Holvik

Les Coups))) Alexander Aarø, John Derek Bishop

The Artist’s space / Gunhild Bjørnsgaard

CODA kick-off and Vin&Valsen

Gunhild Bjørnsgaard / Sara Steen Holvik / Inés Belli / Alexander Aarø & John Derek Bishop (NO)

The CODA festival and Dansekollektivet welcome you to the kick-off for CODA 2017 with Vin&Valsen!

We're warming up for the CODA festival at Kulturhuset in Oslo. In keeping with the Vin&Valsen concept, you will see dance in a informal setting with intermissions between the performances. Stine Nilsen, the new Artistic Director of CODA, will present this years program before the house DJ spins records to get you dancing into the night.

Four choreographies are on this evenings programme:

The Artist's Space
This is a nine-minute extract from The Aritist's Space by Company B. Valiente, who is celebrating its 20th anniversary this year. The choreographer Gunhild Bjørnsgaard create an interaction that challenges the boundaries between dance, music, choreography and composition through an increasingly rough collaboration. Performers of music and dance transcend own boundaries, passing into one another’s fields. 

In the Black Box
The performance is a solo project by Sara Steen Holvik, who has her dance education from the Bårdar Academy, and is based on a text by Frode Grytten. What if a persons life could be collected in a small black box where all our thoughts, dreams, events and private details lay? A tachograph available for everyone when life is over, as when a plane crashes. Would you want your black box to be found?

A(nother Feminist) Manifesto
This is a multimedia performance work by dance artist Inés Belli who is exploring the diversity found within the term feminism. The work addresses theoretical, academic and pop-cultural definitions of feminism and questions the term’s ambiguity. How do we relate to the various conceptions of feminism and how does this influence feminist agendas?   

Les Coups )))
Les Coups ))) is a collaborative project by sound artist John Derek Bishop and dance artist and musician Alexander S.L. Aarø. Is sound movement? Is movement sound? This stunt concept pays homage to the sound that comes from the body and sounds which vibrate and are experienced with the body.