Photo: Shokbreker - SIN

Photo: Knut Utler

Migrations - North East - Premiere

Patrick Shaw Iversen (NO), Ismet Ruchimat (ID)

Indonesian dance and Gamelan music meet Norwegian electro-jazz 

From the vibrant Indonesia, homeland to a multitude of breathtaking music and dance styles, comes Migrations – North East, a unique collaboration grown out of a long-time musical friendship between Indonesia and Norway. This special project is the result of a yearlong creative collaboration between musical masterminds Patrick Shaw Iversen and Ismet Ruchimat.

In Migrations, borders are challenged and crossed, not only between cultures, but also between musical traditions. Together with four of the finest traditional dancers of West-Java, six gamelan musicians meet cutting-edge Norwegian jazz/electronica musicians in a truly unique musical and visual performance. In their daring musical journey both traditions merge, opening up a new chapter in the evolving story of gamelan music and the jazz-scene of Norway.

The music takes inspiration from the Sundanese gamelan music of West-Java. Shaw Iversen has been working in Indonesia since 1990 and has produced several collaborations with Norwegian and Indonesian musicians and dancers. They were commissioned by the Oslo World Music Festival in 2006 and have toured extensively in Europe and Asia.