CODAfilm opens at the end of November with Gilles Delmas’ & Damien Jalets' latest film The Ferryman, a cinematic and choreographic exploration of the animistic roots of rituals, dance and sculpture and their contemporary relevance. The relationship between man and nature is portrayed through a series of striking ceremonies, narrated by performance artist Marina Abramovic.

Experience the well known French artist Jean-Paul Goude in on the last day of the film program. Gain insight into Jean-Pauls remarkable life and body of work, as art director for Esquire Magazine, many iconic photographs, events and more. Dance and movement has been a driving force throughout Goudes’ life.
The artist will speak about his life and there will also
be screening of the documentary So Far So Goude.

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Why dance films?

"Dance is a sensual, volatile and momentary art form. Yet, through the film's language, the same performance can be experienced again and again by new and old viewers and future generations. Collecting archives is a way of saving a whole chapter of our cultural heritage and identity. Those film treasures will continue to move audiences, build bridges of knowledge and joy across language barriers and cultural boundaries."

- Magne Antonsen, artistic advisor CODAfilm

From the introduction to The issue of collecting dance films. Read the whole text here

An efternoon with Jean-Paul Goude 27/11 will open with a conversation between Antonsen and Patrick Bensard, who founded Cinémathèque de la Danse in Paris where he was director for 30 years, on themes connected with the collecting of dance films.

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