The NELKEN line



Join us for CODAwarmupfest, happening for the first time May 25th-27th of May as we warm up to CODAfest 2019 with a range of dance activites.

CODA wants to stimulate and invite you to dance! With CODAwarmupfest we take stock of where we are at and look back in time to celebrate iconic artists in dance history. We also look ahead to the future and venture out into different arenas to reach new audiences.

A special viewing of the spectacular film Pina by director Wim Wenders will be shown at Cinemateket this weekend, and it offers the opportunity to experience the world-renowned choreographer Pina Bausch’s intense dance pieces in 3D.

You can also join in the dancing yourself this weekend- Saturday we invite everyone young and old, friends and families to take part in Bausch’s dance procession NELKEN line through the streets of Oslo. You can learn the four simple movements from ex Pina Bausch dancer Dominique Duszynski in a free workshop at the Opera house.

Finish off the day on Saturday by having a party at SALT, where you can have a beer whilst watching young Norwegian choreographers what is next in contemporary dance. Together with Dansekollektivet, CODA presents dance under the fish racks before the party continues with a DJ on the roof and dance films in the sauna. 

Are you a dance artist and have a bit more energy left? A workshop in choreographic methods inspired by Pina Bausch is free and open for all dance artists on Sunday 27thof May.

We look forward to presenting an artistic program with a difference this weekend, for all ages and in collboration with Operaen, Cinemateket, Dansekollektivet, Dominique Duszynski, Norges Dansehøyskole and SALT. Come join us and DANCE!