Foto: CODA

ON THE OUTSIDE - Panta Rei Danseteater og vokalist/låtskriver Marie Munroe. Photo: Julia Marie Naglestad

ON THE OUTSIDE - ble vist på Riksscenen 18. og 19. september. Foto: Niel Mc Neill

ON THE OUTSIDE - ble vist på Riksscenen 18. og 19. september. Foto: Niel Mc Neill

To all our followers!

While we are waiting for next year’s festival – where we will mainly be presenting dance from other continents – we had the pleasure of opening this autumn season at Riksscenen with the performance ON THE OUTSIDE – a choreographed concert featuring Panta Rei Dance Theatre and singer-song writer Marie Munroe - presented in collaboration with Ultima Oslo Contemporary Music Festival on 18 and 19 September. In a wonderful atmosphere, we experienced an enthusiastic audience during both performances.

sounds as if a theatre is offering its hand to the audience. But what theatre has ever shaken an audience’s hand?”
This sentence headlined an article written by TANZ’ editor, upon an invitation from the festival to write an article for CODA’s catalogue in celebration of the 10 –year’s anniversary of CODA in 2012. The article was never printed in the catalogue, as instead we started planning a seminar about OUTREACH.
CODA, in collaboration with Audiences Norway and Dance House Norway, invite you to a dialogue seminar on 8 – 9 December at STRATOS conference centre, high above the Oslo skyline. Read more here!

CODA Oslo International Dance Festival 2015: 14 – 24 OCTOBER. PROGRAM LAUNCHE MID-MAY! 

Lise Nordal
CEO & Artistic Director


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