Photo: Arno Paul

Photo: Jens Kristian Nilsen

Photo: Patrick Beelart

Photo: Neil Nisbet

CODA 2016 opens in London

during Dance Umbrella!


In the in-between year, CODA opens 7th of October at Sadler’s Wells during Dance Umbrella in London. Unknown Pleasures is a completely anonymous program – no names and no glory.

Will you as an audience member recognize their signature without knowing the names of the choreographers in advance? This is really something to look forward to!

Read more about Unknown Pleasures.


We at CODA wish to make contemporary dance accessible to the entire population. With our program category CODA+, we turn our focus on dance for, by and with the elderly in this in-between year 2016.

Explore all the exciting events under the CODA+ tab.

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