Velkommen til CODA 17. - 28. oktober!

Since 2002 CODA has brought national and international dance to new audiences in Oslo and beyond. This years festival will be the last under the directorship of Lise Nordal, who was involved in founding the festival 17 years ago. The program reflects the considerable history of the festival and explores the notion of time and sharing. CODA 2017 is programmed in collaboration with associate artistic curator Eckhard Thiemann.

The audience can look forward to a festival with a broad scope which opens new doors to the dance universe. The Norwegian National Opera & Ballet launched their autumn program last week, and these performances will be shown at the Opera during the CODA festival this fall.

Ticket sales at the Opera start May 22nd.
Read more here about the program

Greetings from all of us at the CODA festival

NEWS Lise Nordal wins award!

We are proud of our artistic director Lise Nordal who has been awarded the Oslo City Artist Award for her work as choreographer, performing artist, educator and pioneer in contemporary dance in Oslo and Norway. The award ceremony takes place in Oslo City Hall May 4th.

Read more​ at Oslo kommune (Norwegian Only)