The NELKEN line



We have thoroughly enjoyed the Spring and CODAwarmupfest with lots of activities outside. The focus has been on reaching audiences where they are at, be it while shopping, in the cinema or having a night out. We wanted to invite as many as possible to come along and dance themselves, enjoying the sensation of dancing and gaining insight into an artist’s work.

This Autumn our focus for CODA will be more directed toward the dance artists themselves and what we as a festival can do to stimulate the artform; auditioning for dancers to join an outdoors CODAfest19 project, a 5-day laboratory developing choreographic tools, meeting places for students and possibilities for networking for artists from across the country. We will kick-stat a Nordic collaborative project about professional development for artists interested in the body and abilites/disabilities, and we will do an open call for people interested in being part of our ‘CODA voices’ group, a diverse group of people who wants to input their thoughts and reflect on the experience of seeing dance.

The CODA team wish you all a lovely Summer with lots of wonderful dance festival experiences!