CODA 2017 - Caida del Cielo / Rocio Molina. ©djfrat

CODA 2017 - MEETING / Antony Hamilton & Alisdair Macindoe. Photo: Gregory Lorenzutti

CODA 2017 - Give Me a Reason to Live / Claire Cunningham. Photo: Ben Nienhuis

CODA 2017 - CODA Impro on the roof of the Opera building with the Norwegian University College of Dance. Photo: CODA

CODA 2017 - EXIT / Gu Jiani. Photo: Hua Dong

CODA 2017 - Notes on Frailty - Guro Nagelhus Schia / Ingun Bjørngaard Prosjekt. Photo: Erik Berg

CODA 2017 - Frozen Songs / zero visibility corps. Photo: Antero Hein

CODA 2017 - of ivory and flesh / Marlene Monteiro Freitas. Photo: Joao Figueiras

CODA 2017 - Radioscopies / Michéle Noiret. Photo: Sergine Laloux

CODA 2017 - Shiny, shiny ... / Liquid Loft. Photo: Loizenbauer

Welcome back to CODA in 2018!

The CODA team wishes you a prosperous New Year!

The next festival will be in October 2019, and the planning has already commenced. This year we will be involved in dialogue and the development of CODA’s new “tagline”: Strong voices and lasting impressions. Please follow us for inspiration! 

Video on the right: Some excerpts of CODA 2017 with extended interviews with Lise Nordal - artistic curator CODA 2017, Eckhard Thiemann - associate curator CODA 2017 and Stine Nilsen - CEO & Artistic Director in CODA.

Photo: Pablo Guidali